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TUNet Network Server
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TUNet possesses MultiSpeak® Version 3 certification for interoperability with Milsoft Utility Solutions’ DisSPatch outage management system (OMS)

Milsoft’s OMS solution efficiently utilizes the real-time data generated by TUNet, which provides a cost-effective way to minimize the impact of an outage on a utility as well as the inconvenience that these events cause customers. A utility can instantly gauge the severity of a power outage and remotely manage restoration procedures. Complete situational awareness enables a utility to discover the root cause of the outage and prioritize response to critical locations.

Using DisSPatch’s mapping tools, utility staff get a bird’s eye view of outage impact and can pinpoint affected customers and distribution equipment anywhere in the service area, which is invaluable information during storms and other dynamically changing events. The result is faster power restoration and more efficient use of field crews, equipment, and other resources.

Continual data exchange between TUNet and DisSPatch provides up-to-the-minute condition status and restoration verification so that progress can be closely monitored. It also allows engineering and customer service activities to be tightly coordinated. Meters equipped with Tantalus modules also maintain historical data on board so there are no gaps in the meter reads after power is restored, and the utility possesses a time-stamped record of the extent, duration and other outage statistics required for regulatory reporting purposes.




  • Instantly assess the size of an outage and locations impacted
  • Real-time monitoring of event for full situational awareness
  • Mapping tools and data for root cause analysis
  • Confirmation messages when power is restored - no orphaned outages
  • Time-stamped records for accurate regulatory reporting
  • Also supported: NISC iVUE OMS


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