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A collection of articles and other media about Tantalus and its customers


Playing: MarketWatch interview with Harold DePriest, EPB Chattanooga's President & CEO

Resource Brief Media Date
Connected Grids Are Smarter Grids Tantalus article on the impact of "light-speed" communications via FTTH on enabling real-time AMI and Smart Grid applications. Broadband Communities Jan/Feb 16
TUNet AMI for Rural Electric Cooperatives Overview of cost-effective migration strategies from AMR to AMI for utilities with existing PLC asset investments. Application Sheet Oct 15
2015 Municipal Smart Grid Report by Zpryme Zpryme and the Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) completed a smart grid survey of 81 U.S. municipal utilities and share key findings in this research report. Research Report Sept 15
Tantalus ERT Migration: A Scalable, Flexible Transition from AMR to AMI that Leverages Existing Infrastructure & Assets Application Brief that provides an overview on the value proposition to transition to smart grid as well as a look at how Tantalus works with public power utilities. Application Sheet Aug 15
Getting the Most Value From Your Metering Technology Investments: Economic Migration from AMR to Smart Grid Tantalus White Paper outlining ROI-based justifications to migrate from aging one-way AMR to AMI-enabled applications. Focus on leveraging existing AMR like ERTs. Tantalus Aug 15
Tantalus Top Tantalus Executives Report on Chattanooga AMI Smart Grid Today catches up with Tantalus President & CEO, Peter Londa to discuss EPB, one of America's fastest and smartest grids - powered by Tantalus. Smart Grid Today May 15
Five Ways to Build a Smarter Business Case for Smart Grid at Municipal and Cooperative Utilities Peter Londa outlines how public power utilities are increasingly taking a harder look at the quantifiable payback of advanced applications. Utility Horizons Quarterly Q1 2015
Save Money, Beat the Heat Morristown Utility Systems' GM shares how they're using CLVR to save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Transmission & Distribution World Aug 14
(Better) Power to the People Light Reading talks with Gainesville Regional Utilities about how TUNet is helping to improve power and service reliability. Light Reading July 14
Here Comes the Sun, A Tribal Authority Gets Smarter Mohegan Sun discusses how they leverage AMI to support the nation's second largest casino with Tantalus' smallest TUNet deployment. Intelligent Utility Jan/Feb 14
Economics of an ERT Overlay System Tantalus and Itron discuss drivers and benefits of Smart Grid overlays for existing ERT systems White Paper Sept 13
Inside Tracks with Tantalus Systems Assessment of predictions and Smart Grid trends for 2013 Utility Horizons Quarterly Q2 13
La Plata Electric's Path to a Superior Outage Management System Dan Harms, of LPEA in Colorado, discusses the essential link between AMI and proactive outage management PowerGrid International Feb 13
A New Breed of Cooperative FTTH-enabled Smart Grid Solutions, Tantalus & NineStar Connect White Paper Sept 12
Grid Transformation Forum: Envisioning the 21st Century Grid Tantalus and Itron discuss their partnership to deliver Smart Grid functionality to ERT-enabled utilities Electric Energy Online Mar/Apr 12
Closed Loop Voltage Reduction (CLVR™) A TUNet Demand Management Application White Paper Mar 12
Prepay Solutions for Utility Performance Tantalus and PayGo Electric discuss using prepay solutions to improve utility performance Webinar Oct 11
The Emerging Role of Fiber in the Smart Grid
Jody Wigington, GM of Morristown Utilties, shares his perspectives. APPA Webinar /
Registration requried
May 11
Advanced Metering Infrastucture and Health Addressing concerns over potential health problems from RF exposure Tantalus Apr 11
Fulton City Council OKs Tantalus Smart Grid Bid
Communication the key to Tantalus success at Missouri utility Fulton Sun Apr 11
Rural America, In Search of Smart Grid Infrastructure Tantalus looks beyond the skyline and provides solutions in some of the country's most challenging service areas Smart Planet Apr 11
Race to the Smart Grid
How rural telcos and electric cooperatives can unite on Smart Grid initiatives Rural Telecom
Apr 11
The Communications Future Is Now, But Plan Your Smart Grid for Tomorrow Tammy Zucco on the evolution from AMR to AMI and beyone PowerGrid International Feb 11
Utility Load Management Tools Becoming Smarter
Eric Murray on the changing role utilities and what they are doing to improve utility load management. Daily Energy Report Video Feb 11
Small Firms Building Smart Grid Solutions How innovative companies like Tantalus are helping Canada realize the Smart Grid vision itbusiness.ca Feb 11
EPB Deploys America's Fastest Fiber-optic Smart Grid
Feature story on Chattanooga's 1 Gigabit grid Electric Energy T&D Feb 11
Where High Speed Internet Meets the
Smart Grid
Chattanooga brings together Internet technologies and energy efficiency Wired Jan 11
Smart Grid: Seizing the Opportunity
Tantalus and Calix discuss the fiber-enabled Smart Grid RealPlayer Dec 10
MarketWatch How the Smart Grid brings jobs and clean energy to Chattanooga MarketWatch
Oct 10
Johnson City Power Board
Travis Harwood walks through the process of deploying JCPB's TUNet system YouTube
Oct 10
Smart Grid Insights
Profile of Tantalus and the AMI sector. Interview with Tammy Zucco, CMO Zpryme Research & Consulting Sep 10
PowerGrid Int'l Projects of the Year Feature
Highlights the ingenuity and innovation behind Pulaski's award winning project. PowerGrid International Apr 10
B.C.s Top Innovators
Tantalus featured in a report on how the cleantech sector powers the BC economy BC Business Magazine Mar 10
Distributech 2010 From the show floor - interview with Tantalus CEO Eric Murray Distributech 2010 Mar 10
Pulaski Leverages FTTH for Energy Efficiency Fiber Enabled Smart Grid at Pulaski Electric System Broadband Properties Magazine Jan 10
BCIT's Intelligent Microgrid Lab Vancouver technology school builds scaled down version of Smart Grid using Tantalus technology YouTube video tour and accompanying article Oct 09
From Lanterns to Fiber Optics Chattanooga EPB's Telecom expertise the key to handling data influx Intelligent Utility - online Oct 09
Using Fiber for Lightspeed AMI Pulaski Electric System discusses its unique AMI deployment using both Fiber and RF communications Utility T&D Webcast - Free Registration Sep 09






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