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Tantalus provides Smart Grid communications solutions for Advanced Metering, Demand Response & Distribution Automation. TUNet® – the Tantalus Utility Network – is a rapid & reliable two-way network that enables electric, water & gas distributors to automate processes, improve business operations and deliver top-tier customer service. TUNet is deployed at utilities determined to manage resources intelligently and meet ambitious conservation goals.

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Economics of an ERT Overlay


>Tantalus Adds More Than 30 Municipal and Cooperative Utility Customers Over the Past Two Years
>Tantalus Expands Power Line Carrier AMR Overlay with Newly Enhanced AMI Platform

>New Survey of More Than 50 North American Public Power Utility Leaders Identifies Top Trends and Investment Priorities for 2015

>More than Fifteen Municipal and Cooperative Utilities to Benefit From Tantalus AMI Overlay for ERTs

>Tantalus and Itron Release New ERT-Reading Platform to Municipal and Cooperative Utility Markets

>Tantalus Appoints Dermot O'Leary as Chief Operating Officer

>Tantalus Wins Bid for AMI Communications Network at Gainesville Regional Utilities

>Morristown Utility Systems' Voltage Reduction Initiatives Save City Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars


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